Rectangular Path

Moving around the frame of this square in this game of Rectangular Path will be a tough task for the newbie, but if you are a natural at moving carefully on the edge, you will probably be great at it. Keep the work going by moving from one point of the rectangular frame to another without failling or touching any point.

As the goal is to aimlessly moving around a square, you wouldn't want to hit the walls or the square. If you do so by any chance, you will have to restart this Gogy arcade game because the record of your scores shall stop there. Go on and fulfill the top ranking list with your scores by continuing and controlling the dots for a long time. If you manage to turn at the right time, you will be able to survive for a long time.

At first, the narrow path and the sensitive movement of the dots might be quite some challenges for you when searching for the best way to avoid loosing! As the game goes on, there will be more tips for you and you get used to it, so mastering the art of maneuvering will be a piece of cake. Patience is the best virtue to win this endurance game from, so make sure that you can hold the key for a long time to manage the dots!

To avoid corners, look ahead of the path and get a grip of time as when the dots shall arrive at the corners. Once you can understand this mechanism, you will be able to do it easily. Would you like to get a bit more training for yourself with other unique games such as Reflection Symmetry or Elementary Arithmetic Game?

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Tap or click on the screen to turn the corners.