Fireman Frenzy

Protect the citizens in the burning building of this game Fireman Frenzy from Gogy 2022 online! Your job is to assist this frenzied fireman in the task of firing the water flow to contain the burning spots on the map. The firehose is your main tool, and make sure to take advantage of the hydrant properly to hold the fire. Let us guide you through the way to use the hydrant before starting to conquer the tasks.

Rip the hydrant right out of the ground and proceed to use it as a cannon for shooting water. Putting out the fires is not an easy task as there are firing spots scattered here and there. Moreover, as the hydrant is heavy, the aiming of the fireman might be shaky due to the weight. Keep the hands stable and avoid aiming inaccurately to win the levels as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that the water flow from the hose will be incredibly strong and it packs a wallop. With the right usage, it can be helpful to put out fires, but a bad ricochet can easily knock your character out. The steadiness of your aiming shall depend on the time that you spend holding and aiming, so do your best to choose the perfect direction.

This game from will test your stability and great control of the water hose. In order to hold the aim, it's best to keep the aiming point in one spot before firing. Can you complete all these 45 challenging levels without any shot ricocheting off the screen? More fascinating games with unique gameplay such as Metal Black Wars will be great options for your entertaining time this summer! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button and hold to aim. Release to shoot the water out of the firehose.