Alien Escape

Get yourself into the complicated cells of the laboratory in Alien Escape - the new Gogy 2021 game for free! This game is all about moving the items to push them into the right place and manipulate the force to open the door. There will be one or two battery pieces on the lab floor that need to be pushed into the collector correctly.

Once they are all in, the door will be automatically open for your alien to slide in. However, the tough part of the game also lies in the fact that you can only maneuver your alien character in a specific way. Get out of the room by sliding from one corner to another because the alien can only push itself like that. There is no way for him to stop midway or in the middle of the line, so keep this rule in mind while coming up with a strategy for any movement.

While trying to open the door, let's steer away from it to avoid being electrocuted. To win this puzzle game, it's best to observe the partitions first to make sure that you know your way around each layout. This game has been selected as a favorite for tons of kids from all around the world with different age range thanks to its simple rule yet increasingly complicated and fun gameplay.

Are you ready to become the space hero who can make it through the obstruction of the lab door, walls, obstacles, and more? We are looking for the best players who can manage the work of moving the battery blocks quickly and efficiently, so demonstrate your talents now! Take a tour to the website of gogy for kids for plenty of other puzzle games like Vikings Royal Battle !

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys:

Control the alien using the mouse.