Elementary Arithmetic Game

Elementary Arithmetic Game puts the players under the pressure of 60 seconds as they will have to race against the time to not only complete as many equations as possible but also to not make any mistake. This Gogy new game for kids will be a fun option if you are looking for something to enhance your skills with a fast-paced challenge. Your job will be to dash through one question to another.

For each equation, the only way to pass it is to fill in the correct elementary arithmetic that is missing. The hard part is that you will have to choose the right one based on the numbers and answer in order to make a good equation. There will be the numbers and the answer before and after the blank spaces to give you some hints for calculation.

In case you fail to fill in with the correct one, the scores will be deducted later when calculated for the final results. Keep in mind that once your 60 seconds end, the game mechanism will automatically calculate the overall number of your correct and incorrect answers for a full check-up. If you manage to gain a lot of correct ones, the scores will be very high.

As the equations change depending on each turn, you will get to expose and experiment with different types, ranging from add, subtract, multiply, divide, and so on. We would like you to continue conquering other mathematics games such as Tower Run later on our freely-selected website of gogy games if you have the time! It will not be easy to provide the right answers for all equations, so prepare yourself and think quickly!

Instruction to play:

How to play Elementary Arithmetic Game: Click the left button or tap on the screen to choose the right mark.