Kaiten Sushi

Gather the right material and chop your necessary ingredients to succeed at generating the best sushi recipe here at Kaiten Sushi! Not only is this Gogy cooking game simple enough for a quick game time but it also brings fun gameplay, a fast-paced theme, and lots of sushi to explore! The ultimate goal is to master using the knife to chop these ingredients. While attempting to make delicious sushi at the stall, make sure that you don't mistakenly chop the wrong ingredients. The sushi pieces pop up on the screen randomly, so use your limited three chances precisely. Our clumsy incompetent sushi chef is in dire need of your help with his nigiri!

Don't worry if you haven't tried out such a game before and have fun with the detailed tutorial from the in-game instruction. Keep in mind that while you progress throughout the levels, the speed of the turns shall significantly increase. Showcase your fast reaction and good reflexes in making shrimp, fish, nigiri, onigiri, and so many other types of sushi. It's a fun new game of the cooking genre that you can freely share and challenge your friends in this restaurant journey from https://gogy.games/.

Becoming a chef mastering sushi will take a lot of skills, so don't hesitate to search and discover countless cooking skills here with other options like Aqua Fish Dental Care and Fantasy Madness. Use the knife with top-notch skills and refrain from missing out or leaving any sushi pieces behind! Managing the knife's movement at first shall be easy thanks to the slow appearance of sushi pieces. Let's see if you can bring out the best set of sushi filled with sharp cuts, amazing techniques, and not a single mistake on the first try! 

Instruction to play:

Use the touchpad or mouse cursor to control the knife.