Diggy is not your ordinary interactive game from the list of https://gogy.games/. In this new gaming choice, you will target the hidden treasures scattered in the underworld with your navigation and digging skills. The overall goal of the game is to make sure that there's no stone left untouched and you can get to the center of the planet here.

In the search for the greatest treasure pack of all time, you will have to make sure that you can locate the wandering truffle hidden among the dirt. Learn how to use your equipment and how you can move from one place to another or change the direction. Controlling the drill will be your top priority and the goal for you to locate the right direction to get to the most valuable treasures.

In order to get to the center of the planet, make sure to avoid clashing with stones or rocks. They will decrease your speed and capability of moving through different types of soils and obstacles. Only the top players who are good at digging can manage to use the full capability of the drill in order to move towards many different places and rock the game.

There is a feature in the game that allows you to use the special radar to locate the hidden objects for the best rewards of all time. Don't forget that it's all about how you utilize the drill's power to find and locate your desired item, as well as the work of using the limited resources. Keep your gaming time interesting with a bunch of newly added games such as Pirate Bombs or Stick War: New Age from our unrestricted category of Gogy online games

Instruction to play:

Click the left button to drill, use WASD to change the direction, press E to use the radar.