Bounce Prediction

Bounce Prediction is a competitive game for kids and adults of all ages from the new collection at Gogy 2020. Prepare to set up the route for this bouncy ball and predict how it will move at the same time! The game is all about how to guide the ball to move through the obstacles by setting the items at the correct position. Once the ball reaches its destination safely, find out whether your initial prediction is true or not! All items on the platform are at your disposal as you can freely pick and choose where to place what.

It's important to start visualizing the movement of the balls using the given infrastructure at the beginning of the game. By doing so, you will have the upper hand in managing the items and placing them in the most accurate places. In case the ball fails to reach the designated destination, rearrange the items on your board and let the ball have a rerun from the starting point.

There is no limitation on how many times you can replay the game at, therefore, feel free to discover different ideas and settings. Our vast collection of gaming selections is updated daily with a variety of genres, subgenres, and themes for your exploration. Let's find out how many levels you can unlock by guessing the ball's position precisely.

The players in this game will share the tips and tricks on how to gain the highest scores with a smart strategy, so share them with your friends and pass them on! Emerge in the gaming world where adventure, action, sports, and many other games await your participation such as Chummy Chum Chums Match

Instruction to play:

Click on the last position that you predict and interact with the ball using the mouse cursor.