Doomsday Shooter

Doomsday Shooter is the new challenging fight against these hordes of sinister creepers waiting for the heroes to survive the quest. You will get to pick your main weapon from the in-store availability of 11 different weapons. This map will only get more dangerous as you progress through the game. Use the trusty weapon to fight back the demons and defend your world from any attack or intruders trying to take over. Pixelated kingdom and game theme are the shining points of this game, as the kids get to emerge in their favorite pixelated graphic setting.

Enjoy the realistic feeling of roaming the map, shooting at random characters, and learning how to avoid shooters. Some enemies that you will be encountering are kamikazes, spirits, witches, golems, or contaminated plants. Either stay away from them to keep your character safe, or you can destroy the pixel enemies with your trusty weapon. Make sure to purchase some upgrades and fill your collection with new items like an axe or bazooka to extend your damage range in this Gogy online game.

The machine guns will be sufficient for taking out mass enemies, while the sniper rifle is excellent for a single target that requires a bit of precision. Keep check of your metrics and bullet count from time to time to avoid bleeding out. Don't let anything that moves get closer to your kingdom's gate and defeat the prince of darkness with your power! Thanks to the pixelated style as well as the most diverse enemies design, you can soon get used to the dynamics of this new game and have a blast! Some similar action games like Poo Hammer and Sneak In 3D might catch your attention later, so check them out by clicking on

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse and WASD or arrow keys to move and shoot.