Poo Hammer

Poo Hammer brings a newly updated pixelated platform and amazingly cool theme to entertain our online players here at Gogy adventure 2023 where the fun only gets better! This is not only one of the most famous pixelated games among our new list but it's also a good way for the player to test their maneuvering skills. Be flexible in driving your little Poo through multiple obstacles and navigate to bypass all four different locations, each of which is filled with plenty of dangers and deadly traps.

Do whatever it takes to bring the little blob to the other side of the platform and exit through the door. Only by getting through the exit door at the destination spot will you be able to complete the current level and move on to the next one. More dangers with new and unique mechanisms will pop up on higher stages to challenge your skills in coordinating and dealing with the new ones. Keep your eyes on the positioning of your opponents and decide whether you want to defeat them heads-on or navigate to dodge them. Each opponent or monster on your route will have special characteristics and capabilities, therefore, utilize the skills and choose the wise tactics to win the game.

Make sure to make a great judgment and try various actions of jumping, attacking, and dodging dangers for great results. The key point is to prepare your character for the final encounter with a boss that requires your top-notch special skills and strategies for removal. Other frequently played games like Raccoon Retail and Police Evolution Idle will be similar in terms of gameplay and category, so hit them up to enjoy your break with online friends! Come to the website of Gogy.games to check out other genres too!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use WASD or arrow keys to move and jump.