Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

Whether you will be able to get out of the psycho hospital of Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape is not solely depending on your ability to run or hide. It's also about how brave you are when you are under the chase from this Dr. Psycho at Gogy land and his experimental mutants! You woke up and found yourself trapped under the maze of this lab, where you need to find the way out by going from door to door.

Looking for the doors to exit safely will be quite a challenge as the place is dark and there are many mutants as well as scary monsters lurking. They will be looking for you to capture you too, so don't be too jumpy and stay balanced while roaming the dark place. There will be necessary items and valuable things that are required for you to unlock each door, ranging from the golden keys to the chain of number codes, and so on.

Do your best to gather as many as possible whenever you see one. The more items you have, the more chances you gain to open up the harder doors. For the hardest levels, Dr. Psycho shall be the one who is chasing you through these corridors.

Be brave, take a deep breath, and learn how to dodge, hide, move through corners, and stay alive. It's a hardcore game not for the weaken minded, therefore, train your skills with this genre of horror games right now for an exhilarating gaming experience at https://gogy.games/! Other equally fun games like Get My Outfit will also capture the essence of fun-themed games from our list, so check them out. s:

Instruction to play:

Use WASD for any movement,

E to select the action,

C to sit down and crawl,

G to throw an item,

and shift key to run.