Draw Knife

Draw Knife focuses on a simple, casual, and quite addictive gameplay with the purpose of creating a game that can be played anytime, anywhere for free! If casual and arcade games are your cups of tea, don't forget to visit the website of Gogy arcade games for kids to tackle more interesting challenges. Your job in this game is not to throw knives, but to draw instead. Your knives will move toward the path or route that you have set using the paint, whether it's a curvy line or a straight line.

The only problem is to make sure that your path can line up two purposes of the game at a time. You will need to reach the target and hit the knife correctly on him or her while searching for the right path to collect all the golden coins. During the higher levels, obstacles and strange-shaped platforms will pop up to make drawing a simple line become harder. Feel free to show your creative solution to the quiz and figure out the shortest path for each problem.

The lines you draw shall work as the trajectory line to allow the knife to follow after being shot. If you can master the art of selecting which points to reach, this knife game from http://gogy.games/ will be a piece of cake for you! Other equally fun games with diverse themes and elaborate storylines will await you daily, such as Cup Pong Challenge from our new collection. Avoid collision with obstacles and new platforms at all costs to keep your knives in one piece.

In case that your knives hit the blocks, sticks, or spikes, they will be chipped and can't crush the target once it reaches the destination. Continue the work of searching for the best solution and win the game now!

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to draw the lines.