Bouncing Bug

This lonely fly in the game of Bouncing Bug from the Gogy arcade collection will need your help to get to the stack of gold without being hit by the other opponents! Not only is this a strange avoid-and-collect game but it also has the latest updated graphics and design for the fans of this genre! Discover your style and learn how to get the most gold from the game for your fly. The quest will include two main tasks collecting the gold pieces scattered on the blocks and avoiding the bigger flies that are orbiting around your position.

The further you manage to steer clear of them, the safer your character will be. Using the coins you gained throughout the stages, you can purchase updates, new skins, and other cool items from the store. As long as you keep your fly moving in this game, there are chances that you will easily crack the record for the highest score soon! It's time to show the others who's the best fly in this game online from!

Do whatever it takes to dodge the attacks and keep your gold pieces safe. More and more challenges will be added to new stages to increase the difficulty levels significantly. Don't be afraid to try out new tactics or specialties to make sure that you can stay alongside the bouncy bug for as long as possible.

Plenty of newly updated challenges are here to spice up your playtime while making your gaming experience enjoyable! This game's key point is all about dodging the obstacles on time and making sure that your bug can survive with the required coins for unlocking new features. Could you conquer other tougher games with various levels such as Winter Connect from the list of Gogy ?

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to change the bug's direction.