Motor Hill Bike Racing

Train your driving skills and become familiar with these famous race tracks in Moto Hill Bike Racing! This is a driving game with the theme of the motorbike. All of the races take place on the steep hills with many ups and down. As you start the game, you can easily grasp the basic with just one trial thanks to the simple gameplay and clear graphics. You will know where to drive and what to click immediately thanks to Gogy amazing tutorial.

Your main job is to drive your favorite motorbike on these tracks and try to increase the speed slowly. It's significant to reach the highest speed possible, but the main point is to survive for a long time. The tip for the new players is to start off slowly so that you can get used to the bumpy roads before taking up more challenges. Only by doing so can you collect more items on the roads. Keep out for the obstacles that will show up randomly along the road.

There are 24 levels for you to unlock, each with its own main features and special effects. The graphics and design of this game are bright and clear, along with colorful and smooth lines. The increasing tension in difficulty levels will make the game become more and more interesting as you progress further.

You can play this game both on mobile and PC at The racing games collection here consists of the most popular choices such as Drive And Park and Avoid The Tow Truck. Don't miss out on this chance! 

Instruction to play:

Use W A S D or Arrow key to drive the motorbike.