Monsters Rotate

Monsters Rotate brings forth a new set of casual puzzle games for kids of all ages who fall in love with this lovely monster as the mascot and the theme of puzzling in Monsters Rotate! Not only is this Gogy new game a simple yet addicting choice for both boys and girls but it's also a refreshing choice for the summertime. Enjoy the ten different puzzles, each with a unique monster as the main mascot.

Your main goal in this game is to unlock the next level by completing the existing puzzle in the previous stage. Arrange the randomly mixed tiles and change their directions until each and every piece is where it should be. The work of changing the direction is the highlight of the game as you don't need to move the location of them. Our recommendation is to start with the pieces at the edge of the frame to get an overall image of the original pic before working towards the pieces in the center.

Solve all the puzzles and build the fastest correct image to get the top position in the game! Click to rotate the piece once and click again to change the direction again. Keep doing so until the piece reaches the direction that you are aiming for. A total of ten levels shall be your first stop in this quest to create the original frames as soon as possible!

Don't forget that you can enjoy more fun puzzles with different gameplay such as Tile Matching or Resolve A Math Game, with the main theme of mathematics, quizzes, puzzles, and so on! Time is limited, therefore, do your best to shorten the wasted time and conquer each frame as soon as possible within the limited timeframe! Explore the world filled with various game genres from during your free time later! 

Instruction to play:

Click to rotate the image.