Rolling Domino Smash

Surprises after surprises are waiting for the players in this challenging game of domino that you can enjoy in a virtual platform called Rolling Domino Smash. It's one of the new Gogy puzzle games with the simple yet addicting gameplay thanks to the continuation of blocks that fall when you hit the ball correctly. The satisfaction will be addicted once you get used to the basics of this game. Your job is to control the direction of the ball and choose wisely before adjusting and hitting it.

Once the ball touches the first block of domino, it will start a chain of reaction that makes all the dominos fall. Different levels come with different settings and placement of the pieces to make it more challenging. The more you play, the more techniques you will get so that you can hit the ball in the most perfect position. If you manage to drop the ball perfectly, the line of dominos will fall in the most beautiful shape. However, if you choose the wrong angle to approach, it might not bring the results as you expect.

As you progress to higher levels in this game from, prepare for the more progressive and more erratic movement of the ball and the dominos. Will your high scores be the best on the Leaderboard? Hit it and defeat other players from around the world to set the new record for this puzzle and interactive game! How many dominos can you drop with one hit?

Invite your best friends to share this game of fun or take part in more innovative 3D games like Pull Rocket or Blocks Sliding Tetriz for the most enjoyable time together! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor or the touchpad on your tablet to control the direction of the ball.