Hero 5 Katana Slice

The war in this village has reached the point that all heroes need to showcase their talents to keep the war at bay and protect the village. As the war of Hero 5 Katana Slice has come to your doorstep, you will need to sharpen the sword, learn the skills, and decide how you can protect the precious hometown from the expanding war.

First, to stop the neighboring clan from taking over the village, take your samurai sword and fight to defeat the enemies. Use the ancestral katana and swing it any way that you deem fit to strike the enemies with deadly hits. Go ahead and strike more while slashing the enormous enemies' bodies. The brutal hit that will take down your enemies shall be the act of cutting off their heads for a knockout.

Moreover, when you progress further into the game, you will easily learn the technique of making a long-range throw at ninjas from a distance, which will be helpful for eliminating the ones hiding on rooftops and throwing shurikens at you. Thanks to the 3D graphics with the most realistic atmosphere and sceneries, you get to dive into additive first-person gaming with such a nice design.

How will you tackle the dismemberment of enemies in this game from Gogy fighting games? Emerge in the world of medieval Japan where only the toughest and strongest ninjas survive. Gather more skills to access harder games like Diggy from our newly added categories, all with no cost. Keep advancing and let's see how you can ace all the games here at gogy games!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to hold and swing the katana, right mouse to aim and throw objects.

Move the mouse cursor to look around, use WASD to move, spacebar to jump, and shift key to run.