Flower Sorting

Flower Sorting will be a simple yet mind-wrecking game of sorting items that you might choose to participate in during playtime. The final objective is to simply sort out the most dashing and colorful flowers, all of which are stacked up on different tubes. Since the tubes are high, the number of flowers in each tube makes it harder to remove the ones at the bottom. This means that you will have to move the pieces in each column one by one until all similar flowers are in the same tube. Enjoy playing this games on gogy puzzle games 2023 

Not only is this a new game of matching that is fun to play but it's also an enjoyable exercise for your brain with all these colors, great graphic design, and colorful flowers. Emerge yourself in the world of flower themes and pop any flower that you like from a tube. The only rule is that the flowers you can move are the ones on the top of the tubes. If they are below that, make sure to remove all the pieces on top of it. Since the rules and controls are easy, we guarantee that both boys and girls of all ages can enjoy this game anytime they can spare some time!

Keep advancing and try to narrow down your wasted time while moving these flowers! Other games that are similar in terms of themes, gameplay, and such will be Solitaire 15in1 Collection, so grab a friend and explore them all! How would you move the flowers, all at once, or one by one? Don't forget to share your experience and tricks with other online players, without a doubt, this will enrich your gaming experience here at https://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Drag on the mouse cursor or the touchpad to choose the flowers and move them.