Getting Over Snow

Digging out the snow to clear up the path to your doorstep in this virtual world of Gogy 2022 new game: Getting Over Snow! This activity might sound tiring and lack of interesting theme, however, you will have fun with our adapted version of missions here! Not only will be a new genre of satisfaction game for your relaxing time but it also is a good practice of your timing and accurate estimation. Showcase a bit of your eye-hand coordination spirit.

The goal is to be the first to overcome all the obstacles or the stages of the game so that you can claim 15 characters. Unlock the gems and the skins accordingly with the journey. Great background music and sound will be a good base for you to make your path through the snow with ease. There will be an in-game tutorial and plenty of tips from other players that you can utilize to figure out the fastest way.

Be creative with more methods to win this Christmas gaming selection and invite your friends to join the competition. It's important to clear the snow using a decent distance and force setting for the tools. Enjoy the tremendous and beautiful view that is showing with the snow being removed from the view!

Present yourself with other free gaming options and tons of new journeys to unlock here at with popular games such as Foxy Land or The Smurfs Cooking. Adjusting the length of the hammer correctly to spread the hit parameter and clear out as much snow as possible in one go. Go ahead with harder challenges when you progress to the higher stages of the game, but make sure to be precise in any move to avoid losing scores.



Instruction to play:

Hold the left button or touchpad to extend the hammer's length.