Pink Cuteman 2

Pink Cuteman 2 brings back another spin-off for one of the most loved series of games with the pink cute man! This main character will be your partner on the new journey in this 2nd version of the series in which he continues hitting the bats, defeating the enemies, and avoiding the poles. Be careful of the new environment, new layout, and lots of new updates to make this game tougher and much harder.

With the snowing and the snowy floor, it will be harder to pass the levels without a bit of slipperiness. Your main task is to make it to the other side of the platform so that you can reach the flag that signifies the end of a level. After that, brace yourself for new challenges at a higher level that will definitely be harder for newbies in this

Some prominent obstacles are the holes, the flying bats, the water, the cliffs that can throw you off the grid and so many other unexpected items that pop up randomly. Keep your focus and you will not be easily swayed by any scary monster in this game!

Another tip is to keep track of the statistics that show the time, energy, and score gained on the top of the sliding screen. This is a pixelated-graphic game with high-quality hand-drawn characters, so go ahead and feel free to have fun with it to compete with the best players here in your free time! Would you like to roam the gaming site of gogy games for some more good picks of games such as Find Pair?

Instruction to play:

How to control pink cute man: Use WASD keys to move, P to pause the game, double click W to double jump. Tap and drag on the mobile or tablet to play.