Truth Runner

Passing on different items and taking over unique roles in this strange Gogy action 3D game of Truth Runner! The players are joining an arcade game with the running main theme taking place on a 3D platform. As the main task is to get to the final destination of the route, keep passing through these gates where you will explore a wide range of different career items. For each gate or role, pick your confirmed role and change to the suitable outfit on each level. From the role of Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman to other famous cinematic characters, play them all with the right set-up!

Let's see if you will have what it takes to bring such diverse character sets to the finish area! While you roam the platform, make sure to find the right outfit for the current role before switching to the next. Accessories are important as well to finalize and give the last touch to the role. Among our list of online game versions, this one lands on one of the most unique themes that you can enjoy without a dime. Emerge in the 3D realistic and vibrant setting while learning the basics, and mechanism, and coming up with special ways to ace it.

How about exploring the wide range of games we recommend in other free games like Slime Invader and Kaiten Sushi ? Grab the objects here by changing lanes and make sure to observe before making any decision. If you move to the lanes with items that don't suit your character, it'll cause a strange combination of clothing and accessories. It's a great chance and opportunity to enhance your fast reaction, good reflexes, nice lane-changing technique, and problem-detected skills! Avoid the gaps and dangers at all costs in this game at!

Instruction to play:

Game controls: Use the left mouse or touchpad to navigate the characters on the platform.