Raccoon Retail

It's up to you and your attention to detail to keep this store of Raccoon Retail squeaky clean! We need a supporting hand in this Action game of Gogy Arcade where you will keep the store of the Raccoon clean and restock the necessary items in the supermarket. As the daily operation goes on, plenty of clumsy ​customers are making a big mess. It's your objective to roam the place, keep track of the situation and keep the supermarket as clean as possible. First, you need to roam the place to get used to the control and setting of this supermarket. This game comes with a first-person point-of-view, which makes the experience much more enjoyable and realistic.

Grab a basket before driving around, find and collect trash on the way, and empty it in the dumpster to finalize the cleaning. Depending on the stage, the amount of trash there will change. However, since your final record is calculated based on your speed and amount of gained trash, we encourage you to try and gather them quickly. Plenty of store upgrades are available in-store and you can purchase them using the gained money for sure!

In order to achieve the squeaky clean final state, make sure to roam the store carefully so as not to leave even a piece of trash behind. It's all about how careful you are and how you coordinate your observation into the art of store cleaning. Go on and try out more interactive games like Monster x Sushi and Police Evolution Idle , all with intuitive gameplay that is fun to play and enjoyable to participate with a click on https://gogy.games/! We can't wait for you and your family to check out our newly added gaming collection, with so many popular choices and diverse genres!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse cursor to move and navigate.