Football Mover

Football Mover - a new Gogy online game 2021 - will be an excellent combination of sports games and puzzle games, with the colorful graphics of arcade games for kids of all ages. Don't worry if you are not good at moving and controlling the ball on the field. This game will bring a new method of scoring by pushing the ball into the goal thanks to the work of moving the nearby pieces.

Your job is to take a look at the layout of each level, choose the perfect piece or pieces to remove so as to create momentum to push the ball to the goal. Whether it's the usage of physic laws, gravity, or the pushing force, choose your piece to remove precisely to prevent yourself from losing any level.

There is no need to run around the field and control the ball with your whole body. Instead, all you need to take advantage of for winning this game at Gogy GAMES is your brain. Think of the fastest route to move the ball and move the least number of available pieces so that you can gain a total of three stars for all levels. Other than the task of selecting the correct pieces, you will also need to look out for the obstacles, spikes, holes, big gaps, and such that can prevent your ball from rolling toward the final goal.

Don't be afraid to come up with a creative way to win the game, as well as showing off your scores and high record on our free Leaderboard! Your gaming experience with sports games can go up another notch with more selections for free such as Bloo Kid 2 or Mathpup Truck Counting all equally fun with signature themes.


Instruction to play:

How to control the ball: Click on the blocks, pieces to remove them as you want.