Sneak In 3D

Sneak In 3D is a brand-new adventurous action game with an awesome storyline, thrilling gameplay, and lots of movements for you to show! It's a fun break in into this bank on our virtual gaming session. Learn how to maneuver your way through the guard's line and fight them off to break in successfully! Thanks to the 3D gameplay graphics, the players in this Gogy free game 4 kids get hands-on experience with real feeling and thrilling sensation just as if you are actually breaking into a real bank.

Not only will this game require your most flexible moves but you also have to demonstrate the most effective fighting techniques with great skill sets. Either maneuver to dodge and steer clear of the guards, or go head-to-head against them to fight! The number of guards shall increase as you go further into the game, so be prepared for multiple enemies and harder challenges. Feel free to utilize the items and weapons that you manage to pick up from the game floor. It's a fun 3D game where players get to emerge in the exciting first-player point-of-view and lots of cool backgrounds and vibrations upon fighting. Demonstrate your tactics while moving around the game and let's see how you can outwit the guards and other players to claim the top-ranged scores!

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Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use the mouse and arrow keys to control the character and interact.