Slime Invader

Get back to the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a retro-style shooting game like this one Slime Invader from our collection of Gogy online games! You are here to take down the attacking slimes which are targeting your base. Take a look around the map and you will see two sides participating in the battle. The opponent's slimes are going to reach your base soon, so start arranging your defensive lines wisely.

By destroying the upcoming slimes that are attacking you, you will not only gather more coins and scores but also keep your stance for longer in the game. It's time to stand up for yourself and take over the territories. Gear up your weapons, upgrade your cannon, and aim and shot at the slimes one by one. Keep an eye on the ones that are approaching at a higher speed and are reaching the gate faster. Distance is also another element that you consider when deciding which slimes to shoot first. Some prominent elements in the game contributing to the statistics will be the speed, shot count, shot rate, and damage range. Find the suitable timing to restore your shield to keep your base safe and clear of any possible damage.

This shield will also increase the power of self-defense, therefore, utilize it to the maximum range. Place the tower that shoots at the slimes carefully with a specific tactic to keep your team alive throughout this game! Later, why don't you check out more strategic games such as Police Evolution Idle and Raccoon Retail to enhance your commanding skills even more? A wide range of free games will expand your world of gaming techniques, interaction skills, and teamwork for sure! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot at the slimes.