Number Maze

How well can you think when it comes to solving problems that are related to numbers? In this new game of Gogy kid game: Number Maze, we are looking for the best mathematicians who can successfully crack a problem to satisfy all conditions of the level. To clear a stage, you need to draw a line linking the shortest number to the highest one without missing out on any blank space.

It sounds easy but this puzzle game will be quite challenging due to the differences in the placement of the pieces and the number of blank spaces that need filling. The number starts from 0 and continues adding up until it reaches the highest number on the board. The first few levels will not be difficult as they are still easy so that both newbies and advanced players can conquer them without worrying about having to restart in the middle of the game.

Moreover, this game control setting is created to make sure that any players can enjoy the game without any hassle on both CPU and mobile! As you start a new level, the board layout will automatically set up a different placement of numbers that has blank spaced filled randomly. It's crucial that you search for a suitable line that can fully connect both the numbers and the blank space without leaving out any of them. Should there be any of the blocks left out, the players will have to start all over again to meet the requirements.

Keep on filling until you can clear all 50 levels with flying scores! Other games involving similar gameplay and genres that you might be interested in can be found on our website at such as Genie Quest

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to draw the lines connecting the number, release it to cut the line off.