Space Module

Multiple microorganisms with the ability to duplicate and bear disease are trying to hit your space in this game of Space Module from our website at Can you travel through your territories, with expansion to others as well, and defeat them all? Keep the aircraft free from their approach and guarantee a safe space for others!

This is a new shooting game with the main theme of space as the main character will be controlling the spacecraft flying and traveling through space. Do whatever it takes to kill enemies with your shooting cannon. The cannon shall release bullets and shoot once every second, so aim quickly to take advantage of all the available shots. If you fail to hit the enemies and they manage to touch your ship, the game will be over.

Advance toward the next space or level by completing the required scores and clearing out a specific number of germs. These germs are evolving and they shall upgrade as well to collect their loot. Don't back down and build your ship from scratch or purchase newly updated components, change the size, enlarge the shots, and keep roaming the vast space!

However, the large size will also impose some disadvantages on you, as it will be more visible to enemies and become quite a target. Show us how versatile and flexible you are when adapting and fighting in another space with this Gogy online game! It's all about how many scores you gain before your ammo and ship capability run out, so be brave and save your territory with all your talents and powers! Get your hands on more games similarly in genres such as Maze Of Infection for a blast!

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move the ship. Shoot and aim using the mouse cursor.