Sports Car Wash Gas Station

Do you know how to run the machinery for a car wash station? Now, with Sports Car Wash Gas Station from Gogy online 2019, you will control the movement of the cars and the car wash machine to make all these cars squeaky clean! This is a car simulation game on the new platform with a 3D game engine. Your job is to keep an eye on the fuel gauge while the cars move into the machine. Make sure that you remember to control the engine to turn on or off at the right timing or else the cars will be filled with water.

It's very important that you focus on the fuel gauge by refilling the fuel before taking a drive to wash your car. Once the cars enter the station, just follow the arrows to go from the first section to the last. By the time these customers reach the finish point, their cars will be clean! The game contains a lot of recent car models which are shiny and fancy. Participate in the game at gogy to experience this for free!

You can also learn how to navigate the flow of customers and control the daily work of a station like this. Will your multitasking skills be enough to put everything under control? Keep an eye out for more car games like Sports Car Dock Parking and Real Impossible Track

Instruction to play:

 Use the mouse to turn on and off.