Reflection Symmetry

Reflection Symmetry brings a new level of puzzles that will be more difficult and take more effort to solve than the old classic ones. Join this new version in Gogy 2021 games for kids so that you can learn how to think outside of the box to solve a puzzle that required quick-witted players. Your job is to take advantage of the law of reflection for symmetrical pieces to fill the area using one piece of a paper originally.

By folding, estimating, and cutting, you can create another half or quarter to fill the pieces according to the requirement and complete a level. It's not easy as you need to take into consideration all the elements in the game, ranging from the empty area, the added parts, the filled ones, and the removed area. Each can be changed but within a certain number of rules and time.

Don't forget that by swiping and using the ruler, you can easily draw a symmetry line for dividing the pieces, as well as fill the area faster. If you are confident that you can come up with solutions to such difficult puzzles in one second, come to knock yourself out with this new game at! Let the tutorial guide you through the basics of the game before starting with the real task.

There will be a desired result or final shapes that you need to match, which is shown at the top of the right panel of your screen. Go ahead and showcase your amazing jigsaw and calculation in more games such as Yummy Toast. alongside your besties! The world of free games is in the palm of your hand for the best summertime ever.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click and drag the mouse to control the piece and to cut.