Doc Honeyberry Puppy Surgery

The mission here at Doc Honeyberry Puppy Surgery ends once you manage to solve all the problems and injuries for the customers lining up at your vet. All these baby animals in this Gogy free game have one thing in common, which is their injury. Let's take the role of one of the best veterinarians in town and tackle your day of work by helping them out! Prepare and come up with the best treatment for each condition, help them fix the broken parts, cure their sickness, and make sure each and every animal visiting your place will be happy at the end!

It's not an easy task to conquer due to the variety of injuries here, ranging from dirty decay, broken bones, and ached stomach, to plenty of other illnesses. Infections are a pain to cure because you have to take extra care to clean and sanitize them, but we bring detailed step-by-step guidance to make sure that even newbies can grasp the basics of it. Make sure that you utilize all the given tools and medicine as well as lotion from the in-game store to speed up the recovery speed.

Once it's all done, move on to the last part of giving them a makeover with brand-new outfit combinations and some accessories! The day should end with happy animals coming out of your store and there won't be any hurt animals left behind. It's a fun interactive game with arcade features and new items to unlock using your gained scores, so aim for the top of the board. Keep advancing and learn some other tips on taking care of animals in other games like Weird Dance On Wednesday and Nail Salon 3D as all of these games are available for free!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to pick the tool and to interact with the animals.