Solve It Colors Game

Solve It Colors Game is unlike any other puzzle game that you have played. The unique gameplay and challenging quizzes will make you think hard and improve your critical thinking, brainstorming skills, and intelligence. To unlock all the levels, your job is to succeed in each stage by matching the blocks with the correct frames.

Each frame and block comes with a specific color, so take a look before you start the game to make sure that you know which position is the right one. Head to the frame with the right block and move step by step on the game board to move forward. There will be corners on the grid that prevent you from moving further, so steer clear of those places.

Also, the blocks can only move toward the direction that the arrow shows. The special point of this game from is that you have to take the geometric forms of the map into consideration while making any move. If you push the blocks too far away from the line, you will not be able to take it back. There is a redo button that can help you to undo some bad choices and choose again, but use it wisely.

The time will decide how many stars you gain, so be quick and waste no second! Keep on exploring harder games with more choices like Math Trivia Live and Gladiator Wars Memory

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse on the block to make it move.