Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars brings a new adventure to the fans of war-themed games here at Gogy 2022. With the most trendy sets of helicopters and the latest models available, you will get the chance to demonstrate to the best of your ability. The goal is to conquer all arenas regardless of the opponents and the waves of enemies that are trying to attack you. Make sure to learn the technique and commanding of weapons so as to become a strong warrior.

Your breakthrough in this war will bring higher scores for you on the Leaderboard. Keep fighting to win levels to levels and bring home the best results with your individual fighting styles. The victory depends solely on your skillfulness, therefore, train hard before hitting the real matches. To guard the kingdom against the enemy army attacks that have encircled your city, grab your weapon and start marching towards the enemies for a full shooting rage.

The goal is to shoot and defeat all enemies with your weapons such as shortguns, tanks, bombs, and more to explore. There is limitless power to this metal man as long as you know how to utilize it. Once your helicopter lands, the enemies will start hitting your team.

Learn how to remove all the dangers and keep upgrading the weapons to make sure that you can ultimately become the boss here at! Other equally thrilling action-adventure games such as Bouncing Egg will easily be the new addictions for you this summer! It's all about managing the movement of the character, calculating the resources, choosing the perfect timing, and commanding the team on realistic battlefields!

Instruction to play:

Use the A and D key to jump,

Spacebar to shoot,

J key to drop the explosives,

and K key to healing the character.