Free Birds

No cost is needed to participate in this free gaming session of Free Birds - a new game with shooting gameplay to test your precision in shooting and aiming. Learn how to take down the cage and open it to free the locked birds with your bows and arrows. As the goal of this Gogy exhilarating challenge will be to free the birds, you have to aim precisely using the limited number of arrows and try to shoot the ropes. Once the ropes that hold the birdcage are removed, these beautiful birds shall be automatically set free.

Depending on the levels and the difficulty, you will need more than one shot to remove the ropes successfully. The goal of utilizing your precise shooting skills will be to carefully break down the barriers without damaging the birds themselves. Once they are all released into the open sky, your level is cleared. This fun gaming selection from comes with duo modes for you to pick base on your need. Feel free to explore the game at each level, or go on an endless adventure to shoot down cage after cage.

The common point in both modes is that you need to try to free as many birds as possible. As the new game levels come with new obstacles and lots of dangers posing, will you be able to become the hero that these birds desperately need? Utilize the dotted guide line as this will support you a lot in choosing your aim as well as controlling the flow of the arrows released from your bow. Control your aiming and shooting with finesse to conquer more shooting games such as Guardians Of Gold and Poly Puzzle for blasting gameplay too!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use the mouse or touchpad to aim and shoot.