Ninja Rian Adventure

If you are searching up and down for a new skill and adventure game, why don't you take a look at Ninja Rian Adventure from Gogy 2022 new game and bring on your skills to this new adventure? It's an exciting game of platform and side-scrolling theme that will make sure you are the main hero of the quest. There is a beautiful princess who was kidnapped and locked up by the mighty Dracula in the castle.

It's your job to find the location of the lost princess and stay alive throughout the journey. There will be a bunch of enemies and monsters sent by Dracula to defeat you on the way, so do your best to either dodge their attacks or eliminate them. Learn how to use your master skills of jumping, climbing, throwing darts, and the amazing sword controlling techniques.

How far will you be able to lead ninja Rian and maneuver through the variety of challenges in this game from Some cool extensions and new themes with 26 enemies in total will change the way you enjoy side-scrolling games. Don't forget that you need to gather more resources and coins to make sure that you attain enough upgradable skills for higher and tougher checkpoints!

Use the power boosts wisely and your journey to get closer to the princess will be much easier. A tip for the players in this game is to move toward the instruction board to learn new tips when you encounter new challenges. Dive into the free world of gaming with Gogy land in other fun games like Squid Challenge Glass Bridge or Zombie Crusher!

Instruction to play:

Move to the left and right using the A and D keys or left/ right arrows,

jump using W or up arrow, attack using the J key,

throw darts using the K key and dodge with the L key.