Doctor Acorn 2

Doctor Acorn is back and this time, his mission at Gogy land is to gather acorns again! Would you like to join Doctor Acorn in his journey through a puzzle world? A few days ago, he accidentally lost the precious acorn. Now, he will have to fly on the bumblebee, jump from cloud to cloud to find the acorn back.


To pass a level, you need to help him move through all the stairs while collecting the stars and beware of wild bears! The fun part is that you cannot control his movement at all. The only way you can guide him is by using the objects nearby. For example, use the fan to suck or blow him to the place that you wish. Estimate the time carefully to avoid dropping down the holes or falling down the gaps.


Also, the clouds will make a new path for him to go through. Some of the clouds can only exist for a while, so make sure that you don't stand on them while they disappear. Bears will wait for Doctor under some stairs and they will eat him if he stays too close. The most important skills in this game at are a fast movement and great reflexes. Can you help him reach the exit? Gathering three stars is not easy as well, but you will understand the rules of the game and master it in no time! Play with more games like Kakato Otoshi and Bouncy Run now!

Instruction to play:

Interact with the items and objects using the left mouse.