Mystery Venue Hidden Object

Exciting levels set in the hidden location of Mystery Venue Hidden Object will be quite a challenge for the fans of thrillers and daring games from the Gogy fun game! With the classic mode, you will carry out a picture search task in which the goal is to find hidden objects within the time limit. If you can't locate them all before the time runs out, the game fails.

 In other gaming modes, the challenges will be quite different so that the players should try to figure them out. All the missions in this game will focus on the tasks of finding all the Hidden Objects around this mysterious town. The locations change depending on the level that you are on. In this deserted town, there are so many dark and mysterious corners that will have terrible lighting.

Do your best to spot the items that are shown on the left-side panel. Do the best to enter the venue with caution and not pick up anything other than the one that is shown. If you pick the wrong piece, your scores will reduce and there's a chance of not being able to leave the mansion. There's no returning with this addictive fun game from!

Will you gather some friends to join forces and discover the secrets of this eerie town If you got stuck, feel free to use the given hints available, but these are limited so use wisely. They will show you where to look for the next items. However, use your observation skills, tentative gaming style to guarantee a winning chance in every room! Keep learning about the other puzzle worlds in games like Pixel Wars Snake Edition for the best entertaining time!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click and use the mouse to pick the hidden items and interact.