Animals Merge

Various animal species are lining up in this game of Animal Merge and they are waiting for you to merge and help out with the evolving process. Train your brain and test out your IQ level with the most relaxing gameplay here at Gogy kid games in which you can merge and upgrade the animals constantly! It'll be a great game for decreasing stress levels and enhancing your problem-solving skills under the pressure of time. Let's see if your hand-eye coordination will be efficient enough to crack this puzzle game with the same gameplay as 2048! Like the original version, the goal in this new game remains unchanged.

You need to find a pair of similar animal types and merge them to generate a bigger number with a higher-ranking animal type. The new type will constantly be dropped from the top of the board and you need to work quickly to avoid it being full. Pay attention to the panel to check which type will show up next. Pick the column in that you want to drop the animals so that it can merge with another existing tile. Keep in mind that there will be one difference between this one and the classic 2048 game at You can't move the tile in any direction left, right, up, or down once you have selected the column to drop. Four animals are available for merging, so stay focused and control the stack.

Don't let the column fill to the upper bound of the board or else the game will be over. Feel free to utilize the given hints and boosters to either shuffle the board placement, clear out some blocks or get hints on how to find the most suitable column! If the hints run out, purchase more using your gained coins! Come to explore some other equally arcade games with puzzle features like Frogtastic or Pet Lovers Jigsaw!

Instruction to play:

Move the tiles using the mouse or touchpad.