Last Stickman Fighter

Any stickman fight will be brutal, intense, and filled with technique in our battle series of Last Stickman Fighter, but we believe that you will be able to stand tall thanks to your gaming experience! This new exciting game of Gogy Fighting games will bring a new challenge to the kids who love spicing up the game time with a bit of stickman-themed games. The key point and goals of this game are quite important. All you will do is control your main character - the stickman to dash the screen, run, jump, hover, and fight to survive.

Each stickman will join in an epic free game, coming with 4 stages and 9 total rounds. As the difficulty level and the number of enemies shall increase or vary during these 9 exciting rounds, make sure to enhance your attacks and damage range by purchasing upgrades on time. The players who play well will secure their ranks among the top 4 players, or even the top title! Keep an eye on the provided impressive arsenal of maps, various weapon types, and 100 action-packed locations for fighting.

Not only is this the chance to relive the classic cartoony theme that all stickman games have but you can also participate in plenty of duels that are frantic-free. It'll be a fun journey exploring these battlefields, but you should also prove yourself to be one of the top-ranked players to enjoy the satisfaction of this fighting game from ! Sliding through our free-provided game selections such as Mini Sticky or Wizard Mike to pick out your next option and go with it to spice up your playtime even more! 

Instruction to play:

PC players use the left mouse button to move and slide, and click the right button to attack.

Mobiles and tablets players use the touchpad or screen keys to play.