Super Sniper Assassin

Another combination of a stickman game and a shooting game is here at Gogy free games! Only the best can survive in Super Sniper Assassin by demonstrating the best sets of skills. Ranging from aiming skills to hiding and moving without noise, most of the necessary skills on a battlefield will be put to test here. Your position will be a stickman sniper with the main task of aiming to shoot down the enemies. Don't let them discover your hiding spot. If that happens, make sure to move quickly.

The assignments vary depending on the level, therefore, the players will be able to challenge themselves with a variety of sub-genre tasks at First, the most important thing is to understand the requirement of your assignment thoroughly in order to finish it with only one shot. The target can move, which means that sometimes you may have to act fast or your targets will escape. Two main elements here is the ability to aim and to adjust quickly to the situation.

Also, a good sniper will have to pay extra attention to other factors such as wind and distance since these can kick in when you reach higher levels. Training hard and practicing endlessly are the only methods to master the rifle like a professional assassin. Start off other training courses in other shooting games like Crazy Shoot Factory 2 and Army Commando. later as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot at the enemies.