Maze Of Infection

Maze Of Infection is a world of post-apocalypse setting where tons of zombies are reaching for you! How are you intending to become the sole survivor of this Gogy shooting game where plenty of undead is roaming around every corner? In this top-down point-of-view game, the player will participate in the quest to escape this secret lab. Plenty of mysterious experiment was made on people here, which created tons of dangerous zombies.

Find the way out to survive by running through the herds. Do whatever it takes to escape from the building and run as far away as possible! There are twelve floors filled with creepy monsters waiting to attack you. How are you planning to defend yourself efficiently? Defend yourself with any weapon and run towards the exit through these labyrinthic maps. Keep in mind that each zombie is created with different statistics of health, speed, and animations.

In order to customize strategies for each, try your best to react quickly to the situation and move fast. Can you unlock a total of six weapons, each with a specific advantage, and utilize them to your escape route? Shoot down any zombie that enters your sight or attacks you, so that your character can move forward while staying intact.

It's all about coordinating the work of a survivor and a shooter to make sure that you can conquer the work of running and shooting down the enemies at the same time. Progress to the highest ranking scores and claim the top spots of the Leaderboard here at to showcase your talents! More shooting games with a variety of weapons will be available such as MathPup Math Adventure or Snowball Rush 3D.

Controlling keys:


Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys or WASD to move.

Shoot with the left mouse button, and scroll to change weapon.