Hero Turtle

Hero Turtle is the new version of the classic spin-off of Gogy arcade games but with a new side-scrolling theme! If you can pass all the levels and help with the task of defeating the evil witch, peace will be restored to the village. Are you ready to tackle this Gogy kids games and save all your friends? Because the friends of the turtle have been kidnapped by the witch, we will need a hero to join him on the journey for exploration and salvation.

Get ready for a whole new task of hopping through obstacles and avoid falling, whether it's falling into the water or the holes, in order to complete the missions one by one. Many new difficult challenges will show up from time to time to make your next stage much harder. Traps make the movement much harder, especially when the witch keeps on spreading more and more as you are collecting the stars.

Be flexible in the way you move and learn more tips along the way. Timing is one of the top elements in winning this game, but your wit in dealing with continuous obstacles will be of use as well. Tons of stars will gain you more leverage to get new items, more animal characters, and a high score on the Leaderboard at Gogy unblocked games!

Besides the work of targeting the enemies, you will also have to choose the right timing to hop and gather the stars floating in the air. Beware of the traps and get your skill to enhance for more games with similar movement later such as Super Friday Night Funki or Pirate Defense! Get your thrilling gaming experience going with a variety of range from action, adventure, girl games to sports games and such, without worrying about interruption or cost!

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Move and destroy items using S, D keys, Space to hop or jump over obstacles.