Tower Stack Slip

The only way to pass the levels in Tower Stack Slip without failing is to choose the correct blocks to stack up. The goal of this Gogy arcade game is to help the main character hop and stand on the building made up of stacking pieces. There will be blocks and towers with many different arrays of colors. The main character will jump from one wall to another, but when he passes colored walls, it's crucial that you don't move to a different color block.

As you tap on the new blank blocks, they will transform into the color that you are keeping. By paying attention to the next distance, you will be able to estimate and choose the next platform for landing. It's a simple and easy game as long as you pay attention, but watch out for faster speed during the next levels.

As this game has attracted players of all ages from around the world, the players can share and learn the latest gaming tips on! Each player will have his or her special playing style that is suitable for him or her. Choose yours wisely to make sure to explore and expand your records in this game. Different color walls and blocks only become problems if you fail to come up with the main color to move.

Also, don't stop midway in order to avoid being hit by other obstacles and players. Choose the pairs of pieces with the same color so that you can move easily in times of danger. Keep enhancing your reflexes and movements with other fast-paced games like Santa Weightlifter for free! 

Instruction to play:

Move to the left or right using the arrow keys or control the movement of the main character using the mouse cursor.