Extermination Of Flies

Extermination Of Flies is an online game that you can play on gogy best games for free. This HTML game can be played on not only browsers (chrome, safari) but also smart devices such as Samsung, Window phones, Android devices, iPhone, and iPad. Jimmy is in the kitchen and he feels that his kitchen is being a the playground of flies recently. He can hear them buzzing with the lamp off, but he can't find them when he turns the light on, that is so annoying. Thus, Jimmy wants a full extermination of his kitchen, kill all the flies! but these evil creatures are so sneaky. Are you willing to help Jimmy kill them?

You are prepared a gun, use it as the weapon to eliminate these annoying creatures. However, they are strong, so you can’t kill them with one bullet. Shoot constantly at them to kill them. Besides, the enemies are also attacking you by shooting at you. Thus, you must not only assault them but also try to avoid being attacked by moving right or left in gogy exciting games.

The game has many levels to challenge you and you have to finish them one by one to unlock the next level. These evil creatures are so sneaky, and the amount and lethality of the flies will increase while the challenge goes on. For example, in level 1, you have to kill 2 flies and this number is 3 in level 2. Each level, you have a different number of lives. It means that you are allowed to get injured sometimes.

Try your best to win the game and prove your shooting skills.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrow to move, and up arrow to shoot.