Magic Pom

Magic Pom - our new Gogy puzzle game - brings back the simple, casual, and hilarious game of enjoyment for the kids who love a good game of puzzles that they can freely enjoy in the relaxing time. There's a bit of a time limit, but this is to spice up the gameplay and make the game more interesting throughout the stages! Your job is to protect the glass tank from breaking because of the overloading of poms!

By connecting 3 or more similar animal poms, you can clear them off the board and get the scores to add up to the bar on top of the screen. All the scores will be stacked up and added until you reach the required number to pass that level. Can you notice the clock on the left panel? This shall calculate your time limit and the remaining seconds to spot, connect and reach the objectives in each level. As you have more points, it's possible to purchase Pom packs and boosters from our store at that will be very helpful to blast off the intense stages.

Try your best to line up as many poms as possible at the same time, because you can get a special bomb for more than 5 pom pieces. Keep looking for power pieces and beat the stage with your skills and observation! Don't forget the special function of Activate Magic that will not only help to collect new pom lines easier but also allow you to enjoy the huge satisfaction of clearing a bunch from the tank.

This simple and cute-colored arcade game is all the rage this summer, so don't hesitate to add some more options like Fisherman Sliding Puzzles to your basket. Other than that, freely explore our gaming world of different genres now! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag to connect the pom pieces.