Zombie Idle Defense Online

The most important element to guarantee your surviving chance in an infestation of the undead in Zombie Idle Defense Online is the most powerful and steady defense line for your base. With a strong defensive line that is filled with strong and accurate shooters, any zombie that steps foot on your territory will get hit and eliminated immediately. It will get more and more intense as the game gets more complicated but we believe that you will find the way to knock them off using the smartest strategy.

The goal of the game is to find the toughest survivor who has the strength to not only protect his or her base but also to wipe all the zombies off the surface. Learn the layout and the setting of a post-apocalyptic world before jumping in any place or area that is swarmed with zombies. Most of the population has been turned into that scary creatures, therefore, be careful where you place your defense line as you are building it. The highlights of this game at Gogy games that attract tons of new members are the dynamic atmosphere of a strategy game with the best adventure elements and cool graphic designs!

Can you defend yourself and your teammates from the vicious zombies and their incoming attack? Don't worry if you fail the first few times as there will be lots of chances for you to retry it. Endless fun challenges await the players who are ready to try out different game modes like Barricade or Steroid.

For example, in Healing Kit, it's your mission to search for the kit that supports and heals your team, while you need to search for air support in the last mode called Air Support. Are you ready to jump into more games with dark atmosphere like Black Thrones and showcase your defensive skills?  

Instruction to play:

Click to interact and control the characters of the game.