Soul and Dragon

There is no limitation on which skills you can utilize in this Gogy online game of Soul and Dragon for kids who love a bit of adventure toward the lair of the mighty dragons. As the characters' technique varies depending on their types, you will get to take advantage of more than just basic fighting skills. From waiving swords with the warrior, controlling the bows and arrows of archers, or managing huge tanks, each brings a unique magical skill as a mage.

Let's start diving into this diversified game experience of Gogy land where you can showcase your fighting skills during the most intense battle and on the most dangerous fields! Before starting the fights in the arena PVP mode, you can explore the tasks of Bounty Hunter, Epic Adventure, or even Endless Tower challenges.

Plenty of lucky wheels are available as well as a total of 200 characters are here for you to freely explore and learn to unlock! The ultimate goal for the game is to take advantage of your skills and weapons to defeat any upcoming enemies, regardless of their strengths or number. To defeat the enemies, pay attention to your resources and current forces.

The key to winning this game is not only the forces of your army but also the strategy that you are going to utilize. Different versions of arenas and different types of enemies require a unique way of playing in order to win, therefore, participating in all arenas possible to figure out the difference. A wide range of diverse games such as Tiny Landlord is ready for your exploration with your friends at with cost at all! 

Instruction to play:

Interact and choose the weapons using the left mouse button.

Control the character with your mouse cursor.