Prison Escape Plan

Coming up with a Prison Escape Plan is not easy due to the heavily-guarded prison here in this Gogy interactive game, but you will have 2 other cellmates to team up. Use the flexibility of 3 prisoners to draw up the best plan for escaping. You will have to go through lots of doors, each is set on a different level in the building. The plan should be feasible while making sure to avoid the prison spotlight and the guards as well. Those obstacles will be scattered here and there to make your journey to the outside world more difficult.

We recommend that you take advantage of all three characters to be in control of this game at However, escaping with 3 prisoners might be a two-bladed knife as you will have to make sure that all three prisoners don't get caught while they are on the move. Cops and detectors are the two most prominent obstacles that await you alongside other difficult things.

A tip is to observe for a few seconds every time you enter a new stage to figure out the moving patterns of the guards and the range of the lights. As long as you move without being detected, you can freely run to the other side of the room! Keep on solving more difficult problems and puzzles in other games like World Wars 1991 and Zombie Robogeddon

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse on the ground to guide the prisoners.