Wild West: Sheriff Rage

Wild West: Sheriff Rage is an epic first person shooter game which you can play on gogy kids game for free. You are in a wild western town and you have a chance to become a real cowboy. There is a new sheriff in town, and everybody out there knows it. The bandits are coming with an aim of destroying this beautiful land and your mission is to push back them and return peace to the Wild West.

You possess a revolver and an Ak-47 machine gun. Make full use of your fighting and shooting skills to kill them by aiming and shooting at them directly. You have to shoot them from a long distance, thus be careful in order to hit the target correctly. Besides, watch out to avoid their attacks by slaying them before they have a chance to eliminate you.

You can hide behind the crates, barrels, and anything you can find in gogy 2018 online games to evade their bullets. Move around the village, find the enemies in the bars or in the buildings and kill them fast. To complete the first level and unlock the next one, you have to kill 50 bandits.

If you are attacked, you lose a part of your life and you lose the game if the percentage of your life is used up.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, Space key to jump, Shift to sprint, Alt to crouch, QE or 23 to switch gun, and P to pause.