Chef Kids

Only the best little chefs around will be able to conquer this game from Gogy land that will turn all players into Chef Kids! There are no professional chefs or any adult here. It's just two little kids that you need to guide and be in charge of all procedures to create a delicious dish – cooking, cleaning, preparing ingredients, and even baking! Choose your favorite yummy food and start right on with the game. It's a casual point-and-click type of game with interactive features. The goal is to help out two kids to complete the mission of making something delicious and hot for their parents.

The cooking should be fun and clean at the same time, which means that cleaning up the dirty kitchen and the messy utensils are your task as well. First, it's time to choose the necessary ingredients and separate the one that you need and do not need. Then, after the dish is done, don't forget to categorize the trash according to the type and put them in different trash bins. Clean up the floor of the kitchen and put the tools back to their places to finish off the work.

Another cool feature that you can only find here in this game at is the combination of fashion elements as you can create the outfits for our two chefs. The chefs can be fashionable too thanks to your perfect sense of fashion. Pick the outfits that are not just suitable but also comfortable to cook in. There is a total of 3 different tasks in this game, from choosing clothes, cleaning the kitchen to cooking up the pasta. Go through them in hours of joy and learn the best way of sorting and cooking!

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Instruction to play:

Control and cook with the left mouse.