Impossible 13

If puzzles and quizzes like the famous 2048 game are your cups of tea, don't miss the chance to participate in another well-known game from Gogy land with the same mechanic and gameplay called Impossible 13! This is another good option for the fans of the games with a match-3 mechanics, good graphics, and high-quality movement. The gameplay might appear to be quite easy at first, however, as you progress through the level, there will be more and more challenges for your exploration and consideration!

The rule is to locate and connect the three similar blocks that have the same number. By doing so, the three chosen blocks will automatically merge and renovate into the sum number of them. Keep doing this movement and you will be able to gain higher and higher numbers. For each requirement of a number, if you manage to make it, there will be rewards of coins. Use the coins to purchase many unexpected boosters and bonuses from the store of! How long does it take you in one trial to reach the ultimate number of 13?

As you link the same number, they slowly become bigger numbers. But the tough part is to find the best strategy to combine numbers in order to make the number 13 as fast as possible! There will be some assisting bonuses like restarting the level or removing the chosen number to clear the grid when you hit the corner. Use them wisely only under bad circumstances when you can't come up with any other moves.

The game ends when there aren't any numbers to link anymore. Unlock the game of numeric theme with more gaming selections like Fruits Scramble and Ddtank Tap where your mathematic skills get to shine! 

Instruction to play:

Choose and connect the numbers using the left mouse button.