The Smurfs Cooking

Assist Chef Smurf with the work to prepare a feast for the huge upcoming village festival the name of Smurf festival! Once participating in this Smurfs Cooking from Gogy games 4 girls, you will be able to thrive and showcase your talented cooking with a wide range of recipes. From baking cupcakes, cooking pancakes, mixing donut batters, and so on, all your skills will be tested.

Not only will you be in charge of the cooking and baking but you shall also be the one to decorate and put the extra topping to make the delicious muffins, cakes, and cookies look stunning! Plenty of powder, icing, sugar, milk, jam, and other frequently used ingredients are available for your use. Don't forget about the last part of serving up tea and fruit punch to add the final touch to the deserts of the festival!

During each stage, the players will get to serve up one type of snack to the customers here at Smurf village only, which means that you will go through the list one by one. Emerge in the magical forest world with the in-game tutorial and exciting storyline from our Smurf friends! How good are your skills when dealing with these sweet treats under time pressure?

Not everyone will be a fan of the same type. Come up with the most suitable drinks to pair up with the treat and conquer the picky eaters here at the big food festival! Are you ready to lend the forest dwellers a hand in this game right now? Other similar games such as Foxy Land are also popular in the collection of cooking games from, so don't miss out on this chance to check them out too! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the kitchen utilities and drag them to control.